A Nurturing Approach to Your Child's Growth

Curious and bright-eyed, toddlers have a knack for play and fun. With a tireless zest for learning, these tiny tots are ones to watch. As their physical and psycho-emotional needs grow, it is important to equip them with the skills necessary for this stage in their lives.


At Children's Place Preschool, we provide a hands-on approach to teaching, while providing an environment that's safe and conducive for exploring the world around them. Independent learning is critical during this stage, and our staff and educators know this by heart.

Moving beyond toddlerhood, preschoolers are at a stage in their lives where they are "in-between" - a stage where they are too old for parallel play, but still young to be accommodated into the main educational system.


Geared towards refining your child's motor and cognitive skills (that have been developed during the toddler years), Preschool Care at Children's Place Preschool is definitely a breeze. Complete with tools and facilities aimed to help shape your child, this will surely give him/her a head start in preparation for actual schooling.

Our curriculum is based on the fundamental concepts of growth and development, where training is adjusted based on your child's needs. Continuous assessment is key to the success of the program, where you, parents, are partners in fostering your children's potential.

Programs Offered

5-full days, 3- full days and 2 full days

Age 3-6 Years Old (potty trained)

Age 1-3 Years Old